Society of Artist the New Utopia

As I know artist today we are somewhat revered for skills as artist if our paintings are selling for 5 Billion each.  Otherwise, how much notice does the work of artist really receive?  What is this society all about?  Who are they?  What value do they add?  What do we recognize them for?  Yes, not always for selling 5 Billion for fine arts paintings.  Artist is the New Utopia.  They carry the same definition from a historical reference but today you will see them not only as artist but a society in of itself.  No, we are not talking New World Order, we are simply stating the obvious.  Leaders, trail blazers, philosophers, musicians, writers, singers, dancers, gammers, programmers, architects, doctors, nurses, athletes, poets and the list goes on into any non-traditional field you can dream of.  Having spent over 35 years in computer field one of the things I learned from observation (art skill), was that the guys and gals pumping out some really awesome code had something uniquely in common.  Their passion for art.  They were either artist or musicians both a form of art.  Something, quite frankly that didn’t surprise me.  Where do we go from here as artist?  I say Society is in for new direction and the term artist will merge with usages such as gifts to indicate a higher skill set.  A higher skill set is needed in todays technological advances.  Thinkers, dreamers, visionaries and not in the cliche meaning of the word.  2017  I will continue to point out examples of this Society of Artist as they continue to mold the world we live in.

Welcome to the Artist Blog

Exploration of artist views, with regard to media, successes, techniques and general topics.

Hi, No excuses for lack of blog material on my part.

I have been spending time getting organized on various Websites and Social Mediums to make this effort a bit more seamless.  I will continue to blog on a regular basis now that I have everything set up.  I say Welcome to the Artist Blog because your comments are welcome as well.  What does the term artist mean to me?  It’s the closet thing I have to a visual image of my emotions.  It is the essence of the word essence.  What I wouldn’t give just to be who I am.  I have learned over many years of time ambivalence that had I only listen to my inner voice (shadowing what my life could really be), the essence of me.  Then perhaps my emotional response to what what I have to write would be so much different in the realm of (painful) experience.  I am mostly saddened by my own lack of acknowledgment and sense of lack of responsibility for the one single vote that makes a difference in my life, the vote for me.  The liberty to express, the liberty to create, the liberty of living.

I challenge you as artist to not give in to the societal pressures and imagery of the term artist.  It is a beautiful term with individualistic persuasions, a term on its own can mature into something without reason or rules or judgement.  An empty space or a space to view space how ever you feel about art I am always humbled in the presence of other artist and their unique capacity for giving.  Art for Artist is a collision course, how do you get out of the way of creating art if you are an artist?  As an  artist, when you are learning about the world around you, you are learning about who you are through art.  I have heard others mention the aspect about art being spiritual journey.  Giving birth to your works are like your children that you want to have a safe home and enriched lives for.  You have labored and it took a personal part of you to reproduce this child image of your imagination.  If you have artist in your life, it is as a rare breed.  Some artist just know, and they are the lucky ones.  The struggling ones like myself  who are caught up in supporting someone else’s goals (dreams) wish they had done something that would change the lives of others by making a difference in this world are just now realizing the tools of change are embedded in the gift of art.  It is a gift.