Art just a figment of my Mind or just the final Confluence of Me?

Confluence of Me

Is art just a figment of my mind or just the final confluence of me?  I have to admit asking this question creates the every day dilemma of what has art done for me lately, or is this something I can live without.  To what extent have I or will I go to live with or without art and is art my calling, my gift?  Is this just a figment of my imagination or something I always dreamed would be?  The value of which is yet to come?  What is my approach to a question about how willing I am to have art in my life, how willing am I to share both my time and resources with a need that cost me both time and money and perhaps no return on my investment.  What is required of me to execute this passion or desire?  Where do I draw the line in the sand and say “hey” you are just a hobby and I only need you when I’m bored?

Maybe the confluence of me is the direction I am headed.  Perhaps, everything I have tried in the past to ditch what I thought I could hide as a passion is just more obvious than I ever cared to admit.  Perhaps, I am just kidding myself when I attempt to hide my gift and pretend that other jobs are better suited for my abilities and my contributions to society, my passion to make a difference in this world.  Maybe it is my own confluence that shows me truly what this means to me.  To the degree of the extreme measures I have needed art to survive, and to the degree that I would provide for others and own up to my responsibilities in life just so one day I might be able to afford to attend to my own need to express my talent.  To be responsible for the God given talent I have and not be deterred and have hope and be willing to sacrifice and have had nothing but to have a moments of creative repose so that my mind has had opportunities to appreciate the value of my gift that cost me nothing but time.  I’m so grateful for what God provided me that I feel the need to unbury my treasure as it is far better that I invest the talent I have than bury it — hoping that I please God by keeping my gift well activated and not hidden.  Sure, it would be easier to have no controversy, no risk and no life to speak of but that is not the confluence of me.

World without Artist

So, what would the world look like without artist?

Try and think of all the things we take away if we say — that’s it no more art, no more artist?  What is it that we have already that we overlook and do not appreciate if it were not for the sake of art?  Is design art?  Is the music we listen to art?  The clothes we wear have any fashion aspects that are as a result of the labor from fashion artist?    How about the house you live in or the furniture in your home, or the car you drive any artist involved?  We are viewing pages on a Website right now, Don’t tell me an artist might have something to do with that?  Perhaps we take too lightly the fact that artist are a society of high producers of our image of the world we live in?  I bring this topic to mind as we hear so much about budget cuts in schools and the first thing they want to cut is art.  Why?  Do we just destroy what we don’t understand?  Is that the non-artist way?

Perhaps the organizations deciding to make these cuts could use some artist on their boards of directors to come up with creative ways to address this easy way out.

Society of Artist the New Utopia

As I know artist today we are somewhat revered for skills as artist if our paintings are selling for 5 Billion each.  Otherwise, how much notice does the work of artist really receive?  What is this society all about?  Who are they?  What value do they add?  What do we recognize them for?  Yes, not always for selling 5 Billion for fine arts paintings.  Artist is the New Utopia.  They carry the same definition from a historical reference but today you will see them not only as artist but a society in of itself.  No, we are not talking New World Order, we are simply stating the obvious.  Leaders, trail blazers, philosophers, musicians, writers, singers, dancers, gammers, programmers, architects, doctors, nurses, athletes, poets and the list goes on into any non-traditional field you can dream of.  Having spent over 35 years in computer field one of the things I learned from observation (art skill), was that the guys and gals pumping out some really awesome code had something uniquely in common.  Their passion for art.  They were either artist or musicians both a form of art.  Something, quite frankly that didn’t surprise me.  Where do we go from here as artist?  I say Society is in for new direction and the term artist will merge with usages such as gifts to indicate a higher skill set.  A higher skill set is needed in todays technological advances.  Thinkers, dreamers, visionaries and not in the cliche meaning of the word.  2017  I will continue to point out examples of this Society of Artist as they continue to mold the world we live in.



My name is rEggiE,

I am proud to serve our artist community by providing a means of communication amongst our global world of artist.   I am gearing this blog up in conjunction with a society of artist in support giving artists a voice.  I have seen too many times the dismissive behavior of our society where we have lost focus on the value of how artist/art contributes to our daily lives.  In the work place, artist are mocked, in schools they are considered to be wasting their time.  As I recall, my encouragement was “boy, why you want to do something like that?”  I’m sure that was suppose to mean, “not a good move”.  In retrospect, what a fearful world we must live in when our dreams can be squandered so easily because their dreams lost their momentum.  For all the artist out there… please, do not give in to this hype of insignificance!  For every negative reason there is for not living the dream, talk to your practicing artist who have not given into to the hype and you will find that they are experiencing a life full of richness.  Remember, happiness isn’t always about the size of your checking account.