• Hi, I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. As soon as I thought I understood what was going on, I realized that I was having some domain problems. I had to restore the website and ultimately, not everything was […]

  • Welcome to the Artist Blog.

    The Turtle U Know: Knows Blogging and Art

    You may have just visited from TUK web portal and are here to discuss topics such as :  Art, Society of Artist and how Art shapes the f […]

  • What I love about art, is the process.  The process of choosing.  It feels like the only job I have experienced where it feels fantastic to be honest.  It’s a job where the point of being someone else is […]

  • Is art just a figment of my mind or just the final confluence of me?  I have to admit asking this question creates the every day dilemma of what has art done for me lately, or is this something I can live w […]

  • Dreaming is a tool that is often misunderstood.

    We don’t all know why we dream.  If we did, we could put this source to good use.  Yet, those of us who resist dreaming or the urge to dream may instead d […]

  • Art Incompletion-ism theory. Is art, like life is incomplete as it remains in as a least common denominator. The common denominator is God, the Great Completion-er, is needed for completion-ism. At best, the […]

  • So, what would the world look like without artist?

    Try and think of all the things we take away if we say — that’s it no more art, no more artist?  What is it that we have already that we overlook and do not […]

  • As I know artist today we are somewhat revered for skills as artist if our paintings are selling for 5 Billion each.  Otherwise, how much notice does the work of artist really receive?  What is this society all a […]

  • Hello,

    My name is rEggiE,

    I am proud to serve our artist community by providing a means of communication amongst our global world of artist.   I am gearing this blog up in conjunction with a society of a […]

  • Exploration of artist views, with regard to media, successes, techniques and general topics.

    Hi, No excuses for lack of blog material on my part.

    I have been spending time getting organized on various Websites […]