Art just a figment of my Mind or just the final Confluence of Me?

Confluence of Me

Is art just a figment of my mind or just the final confluence of me?  I have to admit asking this question creates the every day dilemma of what has art done for me lately, or is this something I can live without.  To what extent have I or will I go to live with or without art and is art my calling, my gift?  Is this just a figment of my imagination or something I always dreamed would be?  The value of which is yet to come?  What is my approach to a question about how willing I am to have art in my life, how willing am I to share both my time and resources with a need that cost me both time and money and perhaps no return on my investment.  What is required of me to execute this passion or desire?  Where do I draw the line in the sand and say “hey” you are just a hobby and I only need you when I’m bored?

Maybe the confluence of me is the direction I am headed.  Perhaps, everything I have tried in the past to ditch what I thought I could hide as a passion is just more obvious than I ever cared to admit.  Perhaps, I am just kidding myself when I attempt to hide my gift and pretend that other jobs are better suited for my abilities and my contributions to society, my passion to make a difference in this world.  Maybe it is my own confluence that shows me truly what this means to me.  To the degree of the extreme measures I have needed art to survive, and to the degree that I would provide for others and own up to my responsibilities in life just so one day I might be able to afford to attend to my own need to express my talent.  To be responsible for the God given talent I have and not be deterred and have hope and be willing to sacrifice and have had nothing but to have a moments of creative repose so that my mind has had opportunities to appreciate the value of my gift that cost me nothing but time.  I’m so grateful for what God provided me that I feel the need to unbury my treasure as it is far better that I invest the talent I have than bury it — hoping that I please God by keeping my gift well activated and not hidden.  Sure, it would be easier to have no controversy, no risk and no life to speak of but that is not the confluence of me.

Art of Dreaming

when artist dream

Dreaming is a tool that is often misunderstood.

We don’t all know why we dream.  If we did, we could put this source to good use.  Yet, those of us who resist dreaming or the urge to dream may instead destroy, erase, kill-off any concepts we don’t understand.  Today, I learned that dreaming is a universal language.  I marveled.  How could this be?  Better yet — what the heck are you talking about?  Let me explain…

I discovered that dreaming is an universal language when I realized that at times my life may have been empty, void and without the capacity to articulate the experience of having nothing or nothingness.  What was easy for me to identify with was the fact that I still had my dreams, I still dreamed and my dreams helped me to move forward.  At times, I would hesitate to say which was more real, my dream world or my everyday physical attachment to my non-dreaming world.  My dreams gave me freedom.  Freedom to be what ever I chose.  At times, who ever I chose to be.  It still spills out in my daily language today.  You may hear me say “I once was.. this or that” and for me, I was.

Now, I will link this to the universality of language.   I love to visit art exhibitions, or art shows as an example.  Not long after I have viewed other artists work I get the spiritual enrichment of the experience of art.  What does this mean?  I know, it sounds occult right?  What I am simply saying is “In other words” is that I just made the universal language connection.  I am in the mist of the works of me, my peeps, my world.  Dreams voiced out in the open, out loud.   They did not squander these dreams… You will often hear artist even express a direct point that their art comes from dreaming.  As I often refer to the same.   It (dreaming) , in itself is a canvas.  It, in itself alone can tell you much about an artist determination.  It, in itself can often tell you… With all the fragmentations that dreaming provides the, “I am still able to communicate with you” level of intention.

I look to other artist to experience the presence of:  “You see — your dreams have always been okay.   I bare witness to this, my gift expressed to you this day is a communication that could not be hidden, told that it doesn’t matter, overridden  by the chaos of loud voices, undecided due to my race or gender.  I expressed a fragment of my dreams and it is okay.”  In fact you may feel this communication is intended to be expressed in such a manner that you no longer feel compelled to hide your true understanding of what you “know”, that some day you may be lead to the freeing of your mind!  This universal language is so powerful, that others who DREAM know it when they see it or hear it.

I attended a conference this weekend and was struck immediately by the ability of Dreamers #MAWC2017 who dared to dream boldly presenting their dreams in a public setting as artist do.  Sharing dreams is a gift an experience over which you will never get… and “JR” Ridinger and his lovely wife Loren (many thanks!), who I now label as artists, spoke to me in the language of dreams.  Utopia, first begins with a dream and sometimes, the dream is bigger than we are (the dreamer).  For that very reason we spread our dreams universally, without fear as it is the “WHY” to our lives.  It is Why we get up each day, mission clear, vision-aware ready to present our gifts.