My name is rEggiE,

I am proud to serve our artist community by providing a means of communication amongst our global world of artist.   I am gearing this blog up in conjunction with a society of artist in support giving artists a voice.  I have seen too many times the dismissive behavior of our society where we have lost focus on the value of how artist/art contributes to our daily lives.  In the work place, artist are mocked, in schools they are considered to be wasting their time.  As I recall, my encouragement was “boy, why you want to do something like that?”  I’m sure that was suppose to mean, “not a good move”.  In retrospect, what a fearful world we must live in when our dreams can be squandered so easily because their dreams lost their momentum.  For all the artist out there… please, do not give in to this hype of insignificance!  For every negative reason there is for not living the dream, talk to your practicing artist who have not given into to the hype and you will find that they are experiencing a life full of richness.  Remember, happiness isn’t always about the size of your checking account.

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